STPL x Airwalk


Yes, you’re reading that right. Jeff Staple, the leader of Staple Design, has just collaborated with footwear maker Airwalk for a line of shoes that will appeal to everyone, not just the hypebeasts.

The line, which features STPL design aesthetics over Airwalk’s silhouettes will be features at PAYLESS SHOE STORES, of all places.

This project, which has definitely raised some eyebrows in the fashion circles, has been wholly embraced by the STPL crew. Mr. Staple,

I hear a lot of feedback on this project that I’ve chosen to work on. Both good and bad, positive and negative. And to be honest, part of the reason why I decided to do this project was BECAUSE I knew people would debate about it, question the norm and change the landscape. So love it or hate it, let’s have the discussion. Personally? I’m trying to bring an elevated design aesthetic to everyone. I love all the cool/limited projects that we’ve done in the past (and the ones that are going to come out in the future). But the one consistent thing I hear when I travel all over the world is, “What about us, Jeff? We don’t live near Colette or Reed Space. We have one mall within 50 miles of home. Wassup?!” So here’s my reply. Something for the people. Nothing Spared. Nothing Compromised. Nothing over fifty bucks. Enjoy.

So, there you have it, Affordable STPL Design gear, nothing over $50. I managed to cop the “Heaven” slip on kicks at the Ala Moana Payless.


The price? $30. Yessir. Plus, I went in with @rocknwitdblest and there was a Buy One, Get One 1/2 off sale.

You can cop these (and the rest of the STPL x Airwalk collabo pieces) at the Ala Moana Payless. Big UPS to Albert, the manager at Payless, for running the search and tracking down the kicks. Hook the guy up with some business because I think they’re the only Payless getting the series.

Payless Ala Moana is located near the I Love Country Cafe and Blockbuster on the left side of the ramp that leads up to Sears at Ala Moana.

The shoes are also available online at the Payless website.