NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Crab Monsters” shirt and Phillies New Era 

Another Tuesday, another dope Fitted Hawaii release.

This week, they’re feeding into the Summer Blockbuster monster movie theme with this new shirt called “Crab Monsters.” White tee with a 3D newspaper print on the front graphic with the bold headline of Crab Monsters speaking loud and clear. Graphic of the mythical crab monster is portrayed on the bottom.

This shirt is made to exemplify the “crabs in a bucket” syndrome that a lot of people feel is slowly killing Hawaii. Who cares who’s on top as long as HAWAII is on top. I think BJ Penn and Shane Victorino proved that adage last Saturday.

The back graphic features the legendary Fitted crown on 3D print as well.

The hat is equally as eye popping. It’s a black Phillies hat with a teal brim and button with red logos. Definitely a plus for the Phillies fans.

These are both available starting today at the Fitted Hawaii Kona St. location.