The NEW! Fashionista’s Market Store 


Yes, you read that right. Fashioista’s Market, the traveling bazaar full of hard to find clothes and amazing deals, will be opening a retail location in the heart of Chinatown.

This location is so new, they haven’t finished renovating yet, BUT! they’re down to let their loyal patrons bless the spot before the paint goes on.

They’ll be rolling deep in discounts, between 20-50% off of the entire inventory.

Join them today, First Friday, starting at 3pm all the way until 10pm. If you miss out on today’s shopping and party event, they’ll be open tomorrow from 10am-5pm.

The Fashionista’s Market is located at 1183 Bethel Street, next to Q Laser Center.

For more, check out the Fashionista’s Market website.