NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Belly Full” shirt and Kam Fitted

Another Tuesday, another Fitted release.

This week’s release is a shout out to the gone, but not forgotten Kama’aina airline, Aloha Airlines.

The closing of Aloha hit Hawaii and it’s people hard. But, the images and the memories conjure up so much emotion that even the mere sight of the familiar plane gets people a bit misty.

Which would explain the idea behind this shirt, it combines two iconic images in one graphic.  The first and most obvious is the Aloha Airlines jetliner in full takeoff mode, ready to hit the friendly skies. Secondly, with the words “Served Daily” plastered in the background of the shirt in reflective ink, you end up with a visual of the Fitted motto: ALOHA SERVED DAILY.

The back of the shirt features the Fitted crown in the familiar red, orange and yellow color scheme of Aloha Airlines.

Also releasing tomorrow is a new Kamehameha fitted. All black, white logos, ’nuff said.

The Kam fitted is a limited release of 50 pieces, so make plans to get there early if you wanna be a part of that.

All this drops tomorrow at Fitted Hawaii on Kona St, behind Ala Moana.