NEW! Kicks/HI Summer 2009 Logo Tee 



The Kicks/HI Fam is setting off your July 4th weekend right with TWO huge drops this Saturday.

First up is the Summer 2009 edition of the classic Kicks/HI logo shirt in green/black on a crispy white tee for the Summer months.

Also, there’s gonna be a special online release for the Out of State Kicks/HI heads. You can check out the online store for that.

Second, the Nike ASIA exclusive KOBE 4 Rings puppet shirt will be making an appearance.  If you watched the Lakers parade, you would have noticed this shirt on both KOBE & D-FISH. Now, you can rock it too, all you Laker heads.


All this will be available on Saturday at the Kicks/HI Makaloa shop.