3rd Anniversary of Soul Clap


Has it already been THREE years?


Help DJ Eskae and the rest of the Honolulu Bird Gang celebrate three years of throwing down the good grooves and music you never knew you liked at the 3rd Anniversary of Soul Clap.  Share the good vibes and good times with someone that’s never been to one.

Trust me, one trip to thirtyninehotel for Soul Clap will make someone a convert for life.

It’s THAT good.

And no, I’m not kidding. SOul Clap is infectious good fun that you wouldn’t mind sharing with others. It’s the anti-Swine Flu.

Soul Clap goes down this Friday and EVERY last Friday of the month at thirtyninehotel. Doors open at 9pm, so swing by after you’ve hit up 2059 at the Academy.

For more info, check out DJ ESKAE.