Go Skateboarding Day!

go-skateboarding-day-logo-whiteJune 21st marks the 6th annual GO SKATEBOARDING DAY.

Started in 2003 as a way to for skateboarders to put skateboarding as top priority for a day, it’s fortunate that everyone gets to shred on a weekend.  So, even the most business of skaters can get down on the weekend.

So, grab your board, grab a camera, put down that new iPhone & skate, dag nabbit.

And what better place to get your kick, push on than at the Mililani Skate Park Jam, BBQ & Flat Bar contest.  It runs from 4-7pm & it’s a FREE event.


I don’t skate personally, but I do appreciate skate images & photography, so I’ll be getting my Atiba Jefferson on in spirit. I know LOFA gonna get his kick, push on, so look for him out there.

Big ups to all the skate heads getting it on the regular. Keep the spirit alive & keep moving forward, one kick at a time.

For more info and a check of GO SKATEBOARDING day events, check out the GO SKATEBOARDING DAY website.

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