NEW! Sig Zane “Puumanawale’a” Limited Edition shirts

Everyone’s been wondering what’s been going on with Kuhao Zane, the head creative and driving forcer behind The Cutlery and Ethnic Creative.

Well, Mr. Zane has been taking a well deserved vacation, resting up and recharging the creative juices for the triumphant return of The Cutlery in 2010.

But, as a little teaser to that, and to rep the family business, Kuhao did a little collabo piece with his dad – Aloha Shirt maker Sig Zane.

This piece, based off the limited edition Puumanawale’a shirt and pattern, is currently residing in the window of Sig Zane Designs in Hilo.

To get your hands on the limited edition shirts, you can get them directly from the Sig Zane online shop.

The shirts are available in black/ice grey, black/aqua, or black/cactus.