Zakkamono x Buff Monster MIAO pre-order

GID EXCLUSIVE-1Two of the vinyl toy’s biggest entities are combining for a new collabo with Hawaii twist to it.

The MIAO figure from Zakkamono has been a hit among the vinyl toy set for the past year or so, definitely making waves with their collaboration with Simone Legno and tokidoki.

Their latest collabo is with fellow Hawaii entity Buff Monster.  This one takes the same MIAO aesthetic and puts a Buff Monster twist to it.  The chunky features and colorful feel of Buff Monster translates well to this vinyl version of a Maneki Neko.

The Buff Monster version of MIAO will be released in a little bit, but, through the Zakkamono website, you can scoop up a special Glow In The Dark edition of the MIAO. Only available through the site, you get both MIAO and Mousubi, all glow in the dark like Mr. West.

You can get on this pre-order here.