NEW! in4mation Summer 09 “Always On Vacation” drop 


Well, you might have remembered about a few weeks ago when I posted the in4mation Summer 09 Lookbook.

Well, starting this week, the flow of those products will be trickling into both the in4mation shop on Ward and the Aloha Army shop in Waikiki.

The collection consists of a gang of stuff, including board shorts, New Eras, bucket hats, woven shirts and even some skate decks.  Good stuff to help you get the lovely Summer sun all into your system.

All of the gear definitely fits the “Always on Vacation” mentality of this collection, as you need to keep things light, breezy and chill for the summer months.  So, get yourself off the beach, dust off the sand and stroll into the shops. Both shops are within walking distance of the beach, just make sure you don’t track too much sand in.

You can scope out the rest of the collection here. Pick out your favorite pieces and head over to the shops on Wednesday to go get it.