NEW! Fitted Tri-Locks shirt


Another Saturday, another Fitted drop.  it’s almost like clockwork. Very fashionable clockwork.

The Fitted Ohana will be dropping a new colorway of their signature pattern: the tri-locks.

This pattern has been seen on numerous shirts (both featured and in the background) and even in the iconic Kamahele backpack.

This time, the tri-locks get the carolina blue treatment.

The detailing and graphics on this shirt are applied using a clear gel ink, making the color subtle, but outstanding.  The ASD logo adorns the right sleeve, while the Fitted crest hits up the left side.  All the while, the tri-locks run almost a full screen across the front.

Subtle, yet outstanding, just like all of Fitted’s releases.

This is available starting TOMORROW, so go get it before it gets got.

For more info, check out Fitted Hawaii.