The Cutlery “Economic Hibernation” SALE


For the next couple of days, The Cutlery will be holding a special “Economic Hibernation” sale to clear out some stock for the Summer.

But, you might be asking, what is an ‘Economic Hibernation?” Well, starting June 3, 2009, The Cutlery will close their brick and mortar store on Mamo St.

But, unlike some companies, they’re not gone for good. In fact, the Mamo St. upstarts will be in the hideout, doing work around the world with their other accounts in Japan and LA.

In the meantime, they’ll be collecting ideas and patterns for their magnificent return in the Spring of 2010. 

In the meantime, they’ll be offering a core group of products on their website. So, The Cutlery will still be looking sharp, even without a physical presence.

So, as far as the sale, the details are 30-60% off items and only available in store on Mamo St.  So, make your way to Hilo to go get yours.

So, be prepared, as the Mamo St. upstarts will be back soon enough.