B00C35_fullsizeThis collabo is definitely FTW, as it takes two of the hottest companies right now – The Hundreds of LA/SF and Flying Coffin of Seattle/HI – and brings them together on a shirt for the first time.

Taking the DIY approach and indie mentality to this design, Jason selected the image of a split 7″ for the graphic.  This represents both the indie roots of the respective companies and the big role that music plays in the design, aesthetic, and message of both companies.

Also, much like a limited edition 7″, this one comes in three different colors: green, orange and purple.  The green and orange colorways are available exclusively at The Hundreds retail locations in LA (Rosewood) and SF (Post).

The purple version is only available at one place and that’s the Flying Coffin Store online.

For more, check out Flying Coffin.