NEW! Kicks/HI “Nuff Respect” shirt



The Hawaiian Culture has numerous traditions.  One of the most sacred is the tradition of cultural taboos or “kapu” as they were known.  There were certain things you couldn’t do, such as NO looking at the king, stepping in his shadow, or being touched by his shadow, lest you be penalized with death, destruction and overall bad vibes toward your family.

This was the ultimate sign of respect, something that the Kicks/HI guys have in large supply: respect for the people, respect for the culture and respect for the land.  And they pay their respects to the roiginal culture through this shirt, which features the iconic Kapu sticks of the ancient Hawaiians.  The back of the shirt has “The natives are Restless” graphic with the “Established 2001” tag underneath.

This shirt is available in black, white, or wasabi green colorways and will be available at both the Ward and Makaloa shops, starting this Saturday at 11am.

For more info, check out Kicks Hawaii.