NEW! Kicks/HI “Standard” logo tee 



This Saturday marks the long awaited return of two personal favorites.

First up is the return of the Standard Kicks/HI logo shirt. This time, done up in two Summertime colorways: heather grey with white letters & grey slash (perfect for those Air Max you’ve been keeping on ice) and red with black letters & white slash (perfect for those Jordans & a shout out to Derrick Rose.)

Also coming out is the return of the Nike FC. A relic of the first run of SB kicks from Nike. I totally regret selling off my Barca FCs back a few years back.  Looks like I’ll be able to get them back, somewhat, with these new pieces.  Perfect to rock with shorts, these will keep it moving all Summer long. These also match perfectly with those “Conference Champs” shirts released last weekend.


All three of these will be available this weekend.  The shirts at both Ward and Makaloa; the kicks at Makaloa only.

For more info, check out Kicks/HI.