atypicalLIVING Covers… groundUP Modeling Agency Launch

groundUP 3

It’s been a while since the last atypicalLIVING Covers… so I guess now is a good time to pull it up. Look for a lot of these, as I’m looking to cover a bunch of stuff this Summer.

First up: last Friday’s launch party for the groundUP Modeling Agency. Yes, nBOSS has expanded his art empire into the fashion world. Which is not all that surprising, since there were models on the groundUP roster since the very beginning. Also, the fashion show has been an integral part of the groundUP experience since the Courtyard days.

So, it was a natural progression (and groundUP’s growing presence) that the Pirates show off some of their more beautiful First Mates.

This went down at the Cupola Theatre in the Honolulu Design Center, which is the epicenter of downtown Honolulu’s art and fashion world. Classy, elegant, upscale, everything that a modeling agency needs. There has to be tons of coverage around, but you know that I get those interesting in the moment shots.

SO, here’s my coverage of the event and RZone’s shots from the live photoshoot.

For more info, check out the movement.