National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive


Tomorrow is the National Association of Letter Carriers Annual Food Drive. What this means is that you can leave any non-perishable canned goods in your mail box for the employees of the United States Postal Service to pick up.

May seems to be food drive month, as every weekend there has been an effort to help feed Hawaii’s hungry.

Since one of us used to work at the Post Office and all of us want to help feed the hungry, this is a great opportunity to help out.

The instructions are simple: take any non-perishable food item (aka something in a can) and leave it in a bag in your mailbox. When the mail delivery comes, they’ll grab the food, then take it to the Food Bank warehouse to be distributed later.

Items that are most desired: canned meats (SPAM, Corned Beef Hash, Tuna), meals in a can, pasta, and soup.)

Any donation, even if it’s just one can, is highly appreciated.

Just make sure there are some cans in your mailbox before the mail comes tomorrow.

For more info and other ways you can help, check out the Hawaii Food Bank website.