Element x Poetree board/bag/shirt collabo

(photos courtesy The Skate Nazi Manifesto)

POETREE founder and original Hawaii shredder Jef Hartsel has just been selected to be a part of Element Skateboarding’s Power to the Planet Advocacy Movement. While this in itself is quite an accomplishment and honor, this isn’t the only thing that Jef and Element are collaborating on.

Jef’s company, POETREE, has also taken this collaboration seriously, creating a package featuring a shirt, a messenger bag and A SKATE DECK.  The deck is nothing like what’s out there right now.  Both the shape and the graphic hearken back to Jef’s original World Industries deck. The shirt features the same graphic from the deck and the bag has both the Element and POETREE logos on them. Definitely a hot collabo.

Coming soon to a skate shop near you.