NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Kihei” hat/shirt release


That’s all I can say, really, about this Saturday’s Fitted release.  This one has TONS of personal connection here, especially for everyone involved in the Islands.

First off, the hat: the hat is titled “Kihei.” And no, it’s not referring to the town on Maui, but Kihei is actually the name of the cape that the Na Ali’i rocked around their shoulders, signifying their importance.  This usually would consist of tapa cloth or feathers from certain birds.  Of course, more of the time, this would be in the traditional colors of Hawaiian Royalty: Purple and Gold.  Not coincidentally, m teams favorite colors are purple and gold.  I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.

Well, to celebrate the royal capes, the Fitted team did an amazing job with this latest release.  The black hat is actually made from a wool that you would normally associate with a peacoat.  On the hat itself is a new interpretation of the Kamehameha graphic in purple and gold.  The inside of the Fitted features a tonal black tri-locks pattern and the back features a black and yellow Fitted crest.


The shirt is a shout out to statehood, and repping Hawaii as it should be repped.

The front pocket on this black shirt has a “50” logo on the chest and 50 stars taking up the entirety of the back. 49 of them are purple, the last one, #50, is gold, representing the gold standard that Hawaii lives up to and tries to achieve on a daily basis.

Needless to say, this set is OFFICIAL.

These beauties come out this Saturday at 11am sharp at the Fitted Hawaii location on Kona Street.  The same rules apply as always: first come, first served, line up against the wall, not the fence, if you’re gonna come early, please park at Ala Moana across the street and walk over.

Good luck on getting this set, this is almost too good to pass up.  I’m not even going to mention phone ordering because this set will go QUICKLY.

For more info, check out FITTED HAWAII.