NEW! Fitted Hawaii Coaches Jacket


Check out the FITTED Hawaii website for this web exclusive jacket.

This one is a shout out to the coaches that pushed you along the way.  Whether it was basketball (my sport of choice), football, baseball, volleyball, swimming, etc., you always had that coach who would keep inspiring, pushing you, making you get that extra rep in, run that extra suicide or shoot 50 more free throws.  It might have sucked then, but you appreciate it now, as you dominate the opposition.

And why is it that every coach you know has this nylon shell piece? Whether it’s white, black, blue or red, the jacket is essentially the same.

This FITTED piece is blue, with the traditional nylon shell, polyester lining, button snaps, drawstring, elastic cuffs and the slashed pockets.  The graphic is from the Tools of the Trade shirt from time time last year.

This jacket is ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE, so don’t be asking for it in the store.

For more, check out FITTED HAWAII.