Team Pacquiao shirts at Kicks/HI



This Saturday marks one more week until the biggest fight this year (so far).  The Pride of the Philippines, Manny “PacMan” Pacquiao takes on the Pride of England, Ricky ‘The Hitman” Hatton in an epic battle that everyone is looking forward to in Las Vegas.

I’m gonna echo the sentiments of Delve1der and state that Pacquiao might as well be from here with how much the Filipino community has embraced him.  Well, they’ll get a chance to embrace him even more this Saturday with the release of the Team Pacquiao shirt. Available in three colors, the shirt features the Team Pacquiao script on the front, accented with the MP logo and a gigantic bird on the back.  Pretty fresh and hopefully, this isn’t the end of the Pacquiao releases, right Delve?

These come out this Saturday at the Makaloa location ONLY. Makaloa opens at 11am, so get there to get yours.

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