NEW! Fitted x Defend Hawaii “Kupale” shirt



After a successful launch to their new website, the Fitted Ohana decided to drop this little gem on everyone.

A new collaboration piece with the DEFEND HAWAII crew, this one takes a graphic meant to symbolie The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and flips it with the local steez.  Guns drawn, arms raised, Hawaiian flag in the background and rebellious nature all around.  Not much more to say besides that.

The graphic occupies the front of the shirt, while the left sleeve features the familiar Fitted crown and crest.  The right sleeve features the Defend Hawaii patch and the back has a crown hit.  Perfect for those about to head into battle.

The white shirt drops tomorrow (4/19) at Fitted Hawaii at 11am and the black drops at Sindication at Windward Mall at 10am.  Get yours before it gets got.