Hawaii Food Bank’s 20th Annual Food Drive 


As mentioned in yesterday’s post about the Fitted Hawaii’s website Grand Opening, this weekend also marks the Hawaii Food Bank’s 20th Annual Canned Food Drive.

This year, more than ever, they are looking for your support to help them feed Hawaii’s hungry.  Some of the things they are looking for include canned meat & tuna, canned meals (spaghetti, chili, corned beef hash, etc.), soups, vegetables, and fruits.  There will be collection nets posted up around the island, as well as collection points, such as the Commissaries, Shopping Centers, and Fire Stations.

Also, you can make your donations at FITTED.  In doing so, the Fitted Ohana will hook you up with a raffle ticket for their massive prize giveaways this Saturday at the website Grand Opening Pa’ina.

So, get out there, donate some canned goods or money and help ensure everyone gets fed.

For more info on collection sites and times, check out Hawaii Food Bank.