atypicalLIVING covers… Journey


So, the Journey concert was last night at the Blaisdell Arena.  Of course, the big reason this show was a late addition and the 1st of 3 planned Oahu shows is the fact that the new lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda, was discovered in the Philippines and via YouTube by founding member Neal Schon.  With a sizable Filipino contingency, including everyone rolling with the atypicalLIVING crew, the turnout and response for the show was intense.

Of course, everyone was there for Arnel and for the classic Journey.  Crowd response was a bit tepid during the newer “Revelations” stuff, with the notable exception of “After All These Years,” which turned my section into the “let’s get to gropin’!” section REAL FAST.

But, deifnitely the highlights of the night were the classics.  Unfortunately, the video I recorded for this was pretty far away, so you guys are gonna ake due with the on the spot recording I did via Tumblr: LIGHTS and WHEEL IN THE SKY

I also took some flicks for the atypicalFLICKR which you can find HERE.

Overall, a fun night, deifnitely worth the money to go.  Now, if you’re lucky enough to be going to the shows tonight or on Saturday, you’ll be having tons of fun.  Serious.

Big UPS to Uncle Tom moffatt for throwing this all together.