The boys of Super Handsome Sound will be throwing down an ultra sexy… well, super handsome party this Saturday night at thirtyninehotel.

Delve1der, Jami, $$$olution & Compose will be bringing all the very attractive music to the very attractive and marginally attractive alike.

Think of this as the usual Chinatown dance party, but with an extrememly attractive draw.  A draw of extreme attractiveness.  Feel me?

This all goes down this Saturday night at thirtyninehotel.  Party starts at 9pm and it’s $5 for all the sexy 21+ peoples out there. Keep the unders at home, it’s not a good look.  And this night is all about good looks, on the dancefloor, through the speakers & through the people.

Big ups to the Nocturnal Sound Krew, SuperHandsome DJs & Kicks/HI for making this all possible.