NEW! Fitted Hawaii “K-Street” shirt


Seriously, the 90s are coming back HARD.

This shirt is a prime example of it. Back in the 90s, NHL was supposed to be the big thing. The NBA was failing hard with MJ retiring, the Rockets & Spurs winning titles & Patrick Ewing exerting his efforts to screw up that magical ’99 Spree/Houston Knicks team (and ultimately ending up with Isiah Thomas as a GM.)

And, of course, we can’t talk about 90s NHL, you gotta talk about the Great One… no, not the Rock, but Gretzky.  He single handedly made hockey cool to warm Southern California.  He also made it cool for people south of Toronto to rock an NHL jersey.  Now, no one has a jersey that’s easily rockable (with the exception of one of the best of all time, Martin Brodeur.)

Anyway, the Fitted crew went mad simple with this one, throwing a silver & black Fitted crest on the chest pocket of an all white tee. “K-Street” on the back with the Fitted logo & crown in that LA KINGS bite makes the shirt complete.

Match that with a pinstriped WHITE SOX fitted & you got yourself a 1st class ticket to 1994. Werd.

This drops tomorrow (3/19) at Fitted Hawaii. Go get yours before it gets GOT.