B-Ware x Kava Roots “I Love Acai” T-Shirt 


B-Ware has just teamed up with Kava Roots for the most delicious t-shirt release this year.

For those of you who know… acai bowls are legit. And, none more legit that the ones at kava Roots on the North Shore.

So, to cement Kava Roots’ reputation as Kings of Acai, the folks at B-Ware are dropping this dope shirt, proclaiming their love for that interesting acai juice with bananas & granola. The purple Brazilian berries, somehow taste mad good.

Along with releasing mens & womens shirts, they’re also throwing a party for the shirt at Kava Roots on the North Shore, featuring music from jim-BROWSKEE + Live Band.

As a special bonus, not only will there be free kava all night, but each shirt comes along with a free acai bowl coupon.

The party is tonight at 6PM at Kava Roots on the North Shore, right across the street from North Shore Foodland.

For more info and to buy the shirt after the event, check out bwareville.com