know:juander presents “Wet Shoe Strings”


“Wet Shoe Strings” represent the first foray into beatmaking from know:juander aka Juan P aka 1/2 of Hawaii hip hop’s dopest performers right now, The Perfect Median.

Fifteen months after creating his first beat, he comes out with this sampler of tracks he’s done, including a couple beats that would sound awfully familiar if you’ve been to a Perfect Median show recently.

This seven-track EP features a ton of soul with hard hitting drums for that quintessential head nod feel.  Some of the tracks sound perfectly at home coming out of the speakers during a Spring Break BBQ.  Chill, relaxed, soulful music you can just vibe with your fam bam in the sun.  That’s the feeling I get from the tracks, especially “Drummer Some” the last song on Side B.

I’d say more about it, but I’d rather you check it out for yourself and come up with your own conclusions.

You can download the EP here or check out know:juander’s site at