808Orbit Toy Forum NOW OPEN



Big Ups to peeps starting their own thing for Hawaii.

The atypicalLIVING Fam Bam is always stoked to help out the Hawaii heads trying to get up in the world.  We’re big proponents of the art, music, culture, and fashion scenes here, so to see new movement is always a happy sight to see.

Case in Point: 808 Orbit

Hawaii has been sorely lacking in the Toy Forum game and there was a light of hope a while ago, but that has been found to be lacking & almost deserted at this point.

Now, thanks to those that made the other Toy Forum popular comes this new entity.  Completely community based, with the same ohana feeling from the other forum.  Hawaii has been making some noise in the toy game, especially with the Pocket Full of Monsters crew making moves.  Now, Hawaii heads have a home to check out the latest on the toy game.

From humble roots come mighty oaks.  And this forum has the making of something special.

Check out the 808 Orbit Ohana by clicking this link or by clicking the link on the sidebar of atypicalLIVING.