groundUP Records: the beginning


2009 is the year of diversifying your assets sonnn!

With everyone trying to do everything to keep above water, there’s a select few still pushing the envelope and making things happen for Hawaii.  One of those cats is nBOSS of the groundUP Pirates.  He and the rest of the pirates will be celebrating the launch of their latest endeavor, groundUP Records.  The movement will now be recorded for posterity.

(Almost) Everyone on the groundUP Label will be out in force at (SURPRISE!) an art show.  groundUP DJs Memoirs, Kutz, and Liger will provide the sounds while Bo Evans, Rhyme, Kowai Kowai, David tamaoka, Amanda Frazier, Abba Translation, Elephant Armada and MTA will provide the performances.  Pancho Abalos will be rocking the Artist Proof and hitting up a live canvas, while nBOSS will host and throw out some giveaways.

This all goes down this Friday night at Tattoolicious in Waikiki.  Show starts at 8PM, $5 for all ages to go.

For more info, check out the groundUP Movement.