NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Kuli Kuli” shirt


Oh man… give it up to the Fitted Ohana for bringing back the ol’ skool.

The Fitted Ohana always drops the dopest designs for the masses and this one is no exception, with the extra bonus point of being mad attractive for those that understand the terminology.

So, the story goes (for those that don’t know) the term “kuli-kuli” is basically the locals way to tell someone to shut up, knock it off, pipe down, etc., but in a nice way and authoritative way that people understood.  Hope that explains the graphic for you.  Now, about the shirt itself, crispy white tee accented with the mouth graphic  done up in in red reflective lips and grey reflective words.  Fitted crown adorns the back, just so you know.

Oh, didn’t think I’d notice the hat in the corner huh?

NEW! Kamehameha Fitted Hat done up in grey flannel wool for the crown, black denim bill, red underbill and button and a white Kamehameha the Great graphic.  SUPER OFFICIAL STATUS is definitely bestowed upon this set.

Be forewarned, the hat is limited to 30 pieces, so get yours before it gets GOT.  Same rules apply, as always, so please Kokua and park at Ala Moana and walk over if you plan on getting there early.