Flying Coffin Spring 2009: 5-Panel Preview


Good Monday Morning to y’all.

SURPRISE! Flying Coffin will be dropping a new line of gear for the Spring 2009 season in about a week or so, but Jason goes and surprises us with this teaser of what’s to come.

Already pleased with dropping one of the dopest Fitted pieces in the past couple of years with their FITTED HAWAII collabo, they’re expanding the game and including a 5-panel to their arsenal of gear to put on that lumpy skull of yours.


BUT! Never fear, New Era Nation, as word also has it that the infamous FC BOLTS design might be gracing your heads once again this season.

Be prepared, as we’ll bring you the full Spring 2009 preview in the coming weeks.

But until then, you can catch up on the exploits of Mr. Gomes around the greater Seattle area at Flying Coffin.