genuineHI: reloaded


Just when you thought…

So, I’m checking my email the other day when I run across this message saying to check out

At first, I thought this was some sick joke.  Jake is in Seattle getting his engineer on and has been way too busy to rock out on some promotions steez.

But, lo and behold, the site is BACK and better than ever.

Now, besides the promotions aspect, Jake is taking to event reporting in the Upper Left, announcing albums and shows for the greater Seattle area.

genuineHI and atypicalLIVING has always been online brothers in a sense: we started up around the same time, blew up around the same time, and went into totally different directions at the same time (Jake moving to Seattle and me coordinating/curating art shows).

But, I’m personally glad to see the return of a long lost brother to the fold.  And the VERY intriguing “we’re planning events in Seattle and Hawaii” line in the EVENTS section is just whetting the appetite to see what Jake the Snake got up his sleeves.

Welcome back, brother, we’ve missed you on the scene.