The Lofa Below: Valentine’s Day Mixtape – Day.Fourteen

The Grand Finale:

Foreign Exchange – Sincere

This was the one song from “Connected” that didn’t seem like it fit.  It’s like Phonte and Nicolay were giving a preview of what they were gonna do on “Leave It All Behind.”

Other than Common’s “The Light” this song is probably the other song that my potential mate would have to have on her iPod.  Seriously, I have this thing with music where people should understand where I’m coming from just by looking at what’s on my iPod.  I can only hope that my significant other would feel the same way.  

The song is dope, the production is ridiculous and I hope that you felt this song the same way I did.

Also, just an insight into the past two weeks. I’ve written each of these posts while listening to the songs, so definitely this was a “How I feel about the song” type of post.

Big ups to @Lofa @lightsleepers @nicolepickle and @thatguyshaun for being a part of this mixtape series.  Check out their lists over the past two weeks to see their picks and see if any songs overlap.

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