The Lofa Below: Valentine’s Day Mixtape – Day.Ten

The Bangles – Eternal Flame

If you are Filipino and you have been to a Karaoke Bar recently… this is your jam.

I think it’s ingrained in every red-blooded Filipino in Hawaii that you know this song inside and out and will sing this on command.  It’s even worse when you’re a small girl and your parents discover you can sing even halfway decently.  You get forced to do this song, belting out the words with the emotion of someone that knows heartbreak at 6 years old.

Also, the silly, poofy dresses… yikes. 

Anyway, Filipino parents (well, the current batch right now) have some horrible fashion sense.  I don’t think I’ll subject my daughter to that kind of embarrassment.  Only if she wants to.  For reals, don’t want to be forcing anyone to perform for a bunch of Aunties and Uncles, screaming lyrics to a song they only know as something they sing, not something they’ve experienced.

Which is why this song is infinitely better as an adult… and at a Karaoke Bar.  It’s like your inner Filipino kid being unleashed to perform.

Oh, and the song has blah blah blah to do with Valentine’s Day.

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