The Lofa Below: Valentine’s Day Mixtape – Day.Eight 

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black

Seriously, why can’t we get this Amy Winehouse all the time? Instead, we’re subjected to the crazy Amy Winehouse, the one that gets crazy on the press, walks around with a banana in her shirt and looks cracked out everytime.

Well, the song here has a lot of longing overtones, but this time, it’s an affair that goes horribly wrong and this comes from the perspective of the other woman.  People need to shore up their relationships and not fall into the temptation of cheating.  I know that’s easy for me to say, but seriously, you can control yourself.

Show some self-restraint, man, you’re ruining lives.

Anyway, rant off…

The line that kills it for me is “We only said goodbye with words.” Don’t know why, but that just resonates with me.  Very powerful phrase there.

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