NEW! Fitted Hawaii “A Hui Hou” shirt


For twenty-nine years, the NFL has brought over to Hawaii it’s showcase of the stars in the form of the annual Pro Bowl all-star game.

This has been a staple of Hawaii tourism and the NFL for as long as I can remember and I’m rpetty sure the business owners, visiting tourists and the players themselves all agree that a week of fun in the sun in paradise during the cold February winter is a welcome sight.  Also, the players have a sense of pride knowing that their season was so good that they get rewarded with a free trip to Hawaii.

But, that all comes to an end (at least, temporarily) after Sunday, as the NFL has decided to not only move the timing of the Pro Bowl (the off week between the Conference Championship games and the Super Bowl) but also the location.  Only time will tell if the Pro Bowl will return to Hawaii, but, if Comissioner Goodell wants to listen to his players, the Pro Bowl will be back with the quickness.

Unfortunately, Hawai fans are feeling the sting of being burned by the NFL and the normally hard to get Pro Bowl tickets are still in great abundance, so much so that the game might be blacked out here.  So, show some support and scoop up a ticket (and let those of us at work be able to watch it).  Show the NFL that we want the Pro Bowl back in the Islands.  Also, show some aloha and appreciation to the staff that works the game and to the players themselves, as they want the game back here as well.

So, what does this have to do with a shirt? Well, the Fitted Ohana feels just as passionate as I do and they show their aloha through this commemorative piece, done up in a football jersey style.  The number 50 emblazoned on the front and back, with stars on the shoulders (similar to the Cowboys pattern… someone over there a Dallas fan?), “29 years” on the hip tag and the Fitted crest in place of the NFL logo on the front.  Also, the color scheme is reminicent of the AFC Pro Bowl jerseys, so there might be a correlation there as well.

This is available starting today at 11am at Fitted HQ on Kona Street, behind Ala Moana Shopping Center.  After picking up a shirt, consider making your way down to the Box Office and scooping up a Pro Bowl ticket.  Make this Pro Bowl the best one and we could have it back after 2010.  Come on, Barack, YES WE CAN!