The Lofa Below: Valentine’s Day Mixtape – Day.Two

Michael McDonald – I Keep Forgetting

If you haven’t caught on from the first post, this series of songs will focus on longing and being oh so close to someone, but not being able to get them to be your Valentine.  It’s like part therapy, part “I want to see how many songs I can fit in this theme” exercise.

Now, by itself, this song is pretty badass.  I mean, Michael McDonald is only one of a handful of white guys that have the ghetto hall pass.  This song has been sampled by a ton of people, most notably by Warren G and Nate Dogg on the classic “Regulators.”

But the song has that feeling of longing and heartache behind the dope bassline and the organ melody.  I keep forgetting that we’re not in love anymore.  I keep forgetting that it’s never gonna be the same again.  To love and lose at love is a bitter pill to swallow.  It’s just that Michael McDonald makes the medicine go down a lot easier.