Super Bowl 43: Cardinals vs. Steelers


As if you didn’t need to know about the Super Bowl being played on Sunday.

It’s the Arizona Cardinals vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers in Tampa. Vegas says the Steelers by 6.5, but all the focus is on Arizona.  And for good reason, as it seems to be the trend in sports where the lovable losers and the underdogs get a chance in the big moment.  Even the past World Series was a testament to that trend, as the lovable loser Tampa Bay Rays took on the underdog Philadelphia Phillies.

My money is on the Cardinals because of the high flying offense, the resurrection of Kurt Warner, the emergence of Larry Fitzgerald as the best receiver in football, and the aforementioned lovable loser/underdog status.

The 43rd Super Bowl is on NBC.  What time does it start? Just tune in sometime Sunday morning, some pre-game show should be on by then.