Scion x Shin Tanaka x Giant Robot


Shin Tanaka, everyone’s favorite paper toy maker, has been commissioned by Scion to create this amazing “4 in 1” toy with Giant Robot.

Normally, you’d be able to hit up Shin’s website and download the latest paper toy.  But, they took all the guesswork out for you by printing the template onto high quality paper.  This saves you ink and time, two things you’re gonna need a lot of.

The idea behind this is that Giant Robot will release 3 paper toys, one each in issues 56, 57, and 58.

Once you put all three of them together, you’re supposed to combine all three to create a fourth robot, which you see above.

The first template (in Issue 56):


Second Template (in Issue 57, OUT NOW):



The last piece, the Third Template, will be out on February 9th.  So, get prepared for that.

You can find Giant Robot at all good newsstands and book stores.