Fitted Hawaii “Duke Pack”



Fitted Hawaii is coming correct on this historical week by paying tribute to another man from Hawaii who has noise worldwide: Duke Kahanamoku.

To celebrate the achievements of “The Godfather of Surfing,” the Fitted Ohana is dropping not one, but two shirts and a all tonal tan UH Fitted.

The first shirt is a white number featuring the image of the Duke on the front and a proverb of his on the back.

The second shirt is a brown number with a sheriff’s badge on the left chest and back.  The badge pays homage to Duke’s 13 year stint as the Sheriff of Honolulu.

As the world prepares for four years with a new Sheriff from Honolulu in the White House, the Fitted Ohana pays tribute to the original who put Hawaii on the map.

All three items are available, starting tomorrow, at 11am.

Same rules apply: first come, first served; if you’re coming early, please kokua and park at Ala Moana and walk over.

For more, check out Fitted Hawaii.