Beat Root 6/6


This is the last chance for Hawaii producers to get into the 2009 edition of the Beat Root King of Kings battle later this year.

If you’ve followed the battles the past couple of months, you would know that only the best have come up and made this the showcase of Hawaii’s champions. In fact, thsi series has been overrun by the newcomers, as the only one that will be participating in this year’s King of Kings battle that was there last year is Laelz Beats.

This round will feature more of the newest sounds from Hawaii’s latest producer finds.  Dubyoues, DJ Cozy, OSNA, Anthouse, Ely, and DJ KDogg will be competing for the last spot in the big battle.

This all goes down this Thursday afternoon at the Easy Music Center on King St.  The battle starts at 5pm and ends promptly at 7pm.  For more, check out the lightsleepers site.