NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Raising The Bar” shirt


Another day, another dope Fitted Hawaii release.

Today’s release is called “Raising The Bar” and features a graphic based off of the UPC code found on the back of many products in the retail world.

This white shirt features the bar code, Fitted HNL and a small Fitted crest in black.  The UPC print is extended from the collar to the bottom hem, making for a big, bold, yet simplistic graphic.  This makes a statement for consumer consumption and the need to keep it going, even in this economy.

And what good drop is there without an accompanying hat?  This drop features an all black crown Oakland A’s piece, with grey wool bill, and button and a pink graphic.  Definitely enough of a color pop to make it stand out, yet basic enough to rock with anything in your collection.

These are limited, so if you wanna get yours, make your way down to Fitted Hawaii now to lock yours down.