Flying Coffin x Manik x GOODS boards 




Jason and the Flying Coffin crew are celebrating their 2nd Anniversary.  Unfortunately, that anniversary was 6 months ago. So, to make it up, the Flying Coffin crew has teamed up with two of Seattle’s finest: Manik Skateboards and GOODS.

The collaborative effort resulted in the five deck set above, featuring all the graphics form the first two years of Flying Coffin.  Some of the decks will sell as sets, the others individually. 

Also, since there’s no good collabo without a shirt, there’s a limited edition of 45 shirts available for this collabo.  10 can be scooped up at GOODS, the other 35 on the Flying Coffin website.

The decks are going out to stockists worldwide this week, so look for them there, but if you’re particularly anxious, you can get both the shirts and the deck set at the Flying Coffin website.