NEW! Fitted Hawaii “Motivation” shirt/hat combo


Another year… the same ol Fitted Hawaii Saturday drops.

As if you thought they were gonna stop doing this, the Fitted crew is back with another beautiful Saturday drop for the heads out there.

The shirt is called “Motivation” and it features the call signals for both Fitted Hawaii (FTD) and Honolulu (HNL).  All-black shirt, 3D lettering using white.  I think they went with motivation as the theme because of the 3D look of the graphic and how everyone focuses on the surface and not the whole picture of the goal at hand.  You have to keep motivated to see the whole thing, otherwise, all you get is surface results.

Throw in that deeply philosophical shirt with an all tonal black Hawaii New Era, featuring murdered out everything, with the exception of the green underbill.

As always, the same rules apply with these limited edition pieces: first come, first served; phone orders taken after 12pm; if you’re coming early, please park at Ala Moana and walk over.

This one will go quickly, so make sure you get there ASAP.

For more, check out Fitted Hawaii.