first angry woebots post of the year 

This is the first of what will be many angry woebots posts in 2009. So, take some notes and pay attention, this one is gonna be full of info.

The video above is a 30 second preview clip of woes appearance on the HI SURVEILLANCE show on OC16. The date on the video says December, but the show is airing all this week, so check your local listings. Or, you can live stream the show from the OC 16 website.

Next up is a collabo print release with Silent Stage Toys.


This print, called “Dapper,” will be released this Friday on Silent Stage’s eBay store. The stats behind this print is that it’s limited to 25 pieces, each signed and numbered. This is printed on 310 gsm, 100% cotton rag museum archival paper, whatever that means.  The print a nice sized 13″ x 19″  and is $100.

Finally, woes will be showing out at the Gruesome Smile exhibit at the Nuuanu Gallery (next to Mark’s garage) from now until February 7th.  Check that out if you’re floating through Chinatown this week.


As always, for more on Angry Woebots, check out the Army of Snipers site.