Blue Scholars at Next Door this 1st friday


Big Ups to @honozooloo, @superCW, and @sonecessary for all the info.

So, the Shwayze show scheduled for New Year’s Eve at Pipeline Cafe has been cancelled.

BUT! their special guests are in town to rock the 1st Friday spot the weekend following.

Blue Scholars.  Next Door. First Friday. January 2nd. 21+.  Almost doesn’t even need it’s own copy, does it?

Almost a full six months since they infamously closed down Next Door, Geologic and Sabzi are BACK in Hawaii, bring that Pacific Northwest hip-hop that drove people bananas last time.

It’s $10 to get in, but it’ll be the best $10 you’ve spent on a show in a long time.  And, it’ll be the first show you’ll go to in the new year, so make it count.

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