Last Minute Gifts: in4mation Buffalo Plaid New Eras


So, you’re lazy butt still hasn’t found the right gift for that someone on our list? Never to fear, because atypicalLIVING will be hitting you off with some last minute gift ideas for you, the procrastinating, fashion-conscious individual.

First up are these beauties, new in4mation New Era hats decked out in a Buffalo Plaid that the kids seem to be into nowadays.  Coming out in a green-based or grey-based color scheme, these hats just scream “Rock Me” without seeming over the top.

So, if you still got someone on your list that needs something to cover up that misshapen head, or that pretty terrible self-inflicted Holiday haircut, then this is your solution.

These New Eras are available now at in4mation.