NEW! Fitted Hawaii girls shirts


In addition to the PUA shirt dropping today at Fitted Hawaii, they are also releasing the first of their women’s shirts line.

The line consists of three of the most iconic images ever produced for Fitted Hawaii and they’re specialized just for the ladies.

First up is the smoking hot tri-lock tee in a girl’s favorite box color, tiffany blue.  The back also features the Fitted crown, also laced out in the tiffany blue.

Next up is the “Aunty Bangles” shirt, featuring an image of the laced out Hawaiian bracelet steez that you see at every supermarket check out you go to.  The back of this one features a gold Fitted crown.

Finally, there’s a pink and green traditional Fitted logo tee, using a similar colorway to the recently released “KI’s” set.

All three of these shirts would make excellent Christmas gifts, and they’ll be available starting today.  As always,same rules apply: first come, first served; phonme orders after 12pm; and if you’re gonna come early, please park at Ala Moana and walk over.

For more, Fitted Hawaii.