NEW! Kicks/HI “Script KH” & St. Alfred New Eras



This Saturday, the Kicks/HI crew will break you out of this Holiday funk by breaking out the big guns for that last minute “oh, I gotta buy you something?” push.

First up is the Derrick Rose edition of the Kicks/HI’s super handsome looking “Script” New Era.  I went with Derrick Rose because of the Kicks/HI ties to St. Alfred in the CHI and the way how Derrick Rose is looking like the most obvious #1 pick since LeBron in ’03 and Timmy in ’97.  Of course, being the (Pacific North)West Coast guy that I am, I would go with the Brandon Roy edition, but that’s just me.  33 pts./8ast./43 mins. in the loss to the Jazz, though… next time, boys.  Don’t get it twisted though, I grew up in a Laker household, I’ll probably die in a Laker household, so don’t even think I’m some bandwagon fool.

ANYWAY, St. Alfred will also be dropping three new pieces on Saturday as well. A real slick grey wool piece and two plaid pieces, one red/black/white and one white/black/purple.  All super official.

All four of these pieces will be available starting Saturday at both Kicks/HI locations: Ward and Makaloa.